Rumors go from one mouth to many ears

What’s the point to all the complaining ? I don’t get it? As of now and counting) 6 ? How are the players supposed to feel? That’s not News or Ground breaking reporting. The New York Knicks stink ! And they are not supposed to stink with the personal we have! We waited for this Master plan of a Big three.Now we are talking about players being upset? They should be upset and the fans should be upset we stink ! We are supposed to be “Hunting in south Beach”! All the New York Knicks are doing is sitting in traffic complaining.Mike D’antoni Needs to GO ! His system doesn’t work with these players and he’s not offensively creative to find ways to utilize the talent he has.His balance as a coach both offensively and Defensively don’t match .It has not work very well in the NBA modern Day it did not work for D’antoni with the Suns.That’s not going to work with the Knicks . We need to start fresh and finish strong ! Stop all the long faces and gripping these guys need grab rebounds and play Defense!

We are supposed to challenge these guys do they look worried?!

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